Best Glow Plugs For Duramax

Glow plugs are specifically designed for diesel engines. These engines are really sensitive to start. So, the glow plug plays a key role inside the engine. If your Duramax is running slow, and it takes a while to start it, that means you’re probably needing to change your glow plugs. Looking for the Best Glow Plugs For Duramax  is challenging, as it needs some special requirements. For your convenience, I have assembled the glow plugs that will fit and be suitable for your vehicle while taking budget and compatibility into consideration. You might find the one you were searching for from here.

Comparison Table: Best Glow Plugs For Duramax in 2021

Name of the Glow PlugsFeatures
ACDelco 12639701 9G Professional Glow PlugCoil: GN-type Regulating CoilMaterial: SteelVoltage: 11 VDC
Allmotorparts Glow Plug for DuramaxManufacturer: AllmotorpartsThread size: 10mmProgramming Required: No
GM Genuine Parts 62G Glow PlugsSeat: ConicalRange: 21mm – 40mmMaterial : Steel
Diesel Glow Plug for 6.6L DuramaxManufacturer: XSPANDERPre-heating Time: 2s.Seat: Conical

Top 4 Best Glow Plugs For Duramax Review in 2021

#1. ACDelco 12639701 9G Professional Glow Plug

Coming as a piece of 1, ACDelco 12639701 9G Professional Glow Plug is a finely structured spark plug designed and tested to provide the best performance. For the diesel engine present in a Duramax, this efficient spark plug can deliver the heat needed for the cold starts. In addition, these high-quality replacements can improve throttle response and maintain ignition in the cylinders.

ACDelco GM Original Equipment parts were formerly known as genuine OE parts, so you won’t have to be worried about their originality. This robust steel spark plug is automated to maintain the electricity flow from the battery while preventing overheating. This compatible spark plug even ranges from 21mm to 40mm to fit multiple chambers standard in most Duramax engines.

Benefits and Reasons to use:

  • ACDelco 12639701 9G Professional Glow Plug is self-regulated. Therefore, it can easily maintain the electrical flow from the battery.
  • This efficient spark plug can supply the heat necessary for the cold starts for the diesel engines. For this, the machines can get started on the very first attempt.
  • The glow plug can reduce the overheating in the engines. It ensures that the temperature stays within a limit that it doesn’t harm the engine.
  • This compatible glow plug can fit any engine with a range from 21mm to 40mm, even if it has multiple chambers. As a result, it is most compatible with most of the Duramax engines.

Technical Features:

  • Coil: GN-type Regulating Coil
  • Material: Steel
  • Voltage: 11 VDC
  • Seat: Conical
  • Hex Size: 12mm
  • Thread: 10mm


Specification: ACDelco 12639701 9G Professional Glow Plug is created, engineered, and examined to the demanding standard. This is backed by General Motors. With a GN-type regulating coil, this efficient spark plug is of steel and 5.37in. in length. In addition, a conical seat with a threaded terminal is used.

Attributes: This durable spark plug has a good set of features. The spark plug can give the diesel engines present in the Duramax to heat for the cold start. This self-regulated glow plug can control the electricity flow from the battery and avoid overheating.

Compatibility: This efficient spark plug is a pack of compatible vehicles like Duramax, Cadillac. It even rages from 21mm – 40mm to fit the multiplex chambers and is easy to install in cars. In addition, GM updates the production and service parts for combining the new materials and technologies.


  • ACDelco 12639701 9G Professional Glow Plug is a budget and user-friendly spark plug. Being the best seller, it can perform its expected functions very smoothly.
  • This sturdy glow plug can maintain the electrical flow from the battery. It is a self-controlled spark plug helping the engine to run smoothly.
  • The robust spark plug is compatible with most Duramax vehicles as it fits the multiple chambers while ranging from 21mm – 40mm.
  • For the diesel engines, cold starts require a heat supply. The spark plug meets the requirement by providing heat.


  • ACDelco 12639701 9G Professional Glow Plug is a well-performing spark plug with a variety of functions. But it has to be installed and taken out very carefully because they can break.

#2. Allmotorparts Glow Plug for Duramax

Glow plugs are manufactured and engineered so that they can meet and exceed the users’ expectations. With a relatively simplistic design, this sturdy spark plug can prevent vibrations and corrosion. This well-structured glow plug provides high resistance and comes with a smooth texture delivering safety to you and your Duramax.

Coming as a piece of 1, this efficient spark plug is automated and can control the current flow from the battery while ensuring the temperature doesn’t rise much. It can pre-heat the surroundings around the combustion engine, and as a result, you can have an instant start in the diesel engines. While the installation process is simple, this reasonably priced glow plug is compatible with vehicles like Chevy, Duramax, Sierra, and so on.

Benefits and Reasons to use:

  • This glow plug is an all-motor-parts aftermarket replacement product. Coming with one piece, these are compatible with a considerable number of vehicles.
  • This productive spark plug can ensure a quicker start and acceleration even in unfavorable weather. Moreover, it is even of a reasonable price.
  • The glow plug can bring down the misfires in the engine to a greater degree. It makes the vehicle work fine and stay put while eliminating the engine knockouts.
  • This self-regulated glow plug can maintain the electrical flow from the battery. Thus, it prevents overheating from taking place.

Technical Features:

  • Material: Steel
  • Weight: 1.44 ounces
  • Manufacturer: Allmotorparts
  • Thread size: 10mm
  • Programming Required: No
  • Electrical Connector Quantity: 1


Compatibility: The glow plug can be installed into many vehicles, Compatible with Chevy GMC 6.6 LBZ LGH LLY LML LMM Duramax – 2006-2016 Silverado 2500 HD, Sierra 2500 HD, Savana 2500, 2007-2016 Silverado 3500 HD Sierra 3500 HD. It is an all-motor-parts aftermarket replacement plug.

Functions: This effective spark plug can supply heat to the surroundings and air of the combustion engine. By this, it can make the vehicle start very quickly, even in the cold weather. In addition, the self-controlled plug can maintain the battery current flow and prevent it from overheating.

Attributes: This great spark plug gives in high resistance with a smooth texture ensuring safety to you. This productive glow plug can prevent corrosion and vibrations. In addition, it has an effective mechanism to restrict the harm to the vehicles as much as possible.


  • The all-motor-parts glow plug is an efficient spark plug with a simplistic design and a smooth texture with high resistance. As a result, it ensures safety for you.
  • This fantastic spark plug can avert corrosions and vibrations in the vehicle. In addition, it has the mechanism to limit the damage to your car as much as possible
  • The installation process is pretty simple. You can install it without taking much time or effort.
  • This effective spark plug can reduce the engine misfires to a more extensive scale. As a result, engine knockout does not take place, and your vehicle stays put and well.


  • The glow plug is well-priced but is not a set. But the whole system has to be changed if one piece breaks down.

#3. GM Genuine Parts 62G Glow Plug:

GM Genuine Parts 62G Glow Plug is a fine product that is used all over the world. It has been to meet and exceed the expectations of its users. Coming as a piece of 1, this great plug is designed, engineered, and tested to provide the exact results while reducing the harm to the vehicle.

This self-regulated spark plug controls the current flow from the battery and prevents it from overheating in any way. With a GN-type regulating coil, this glow plug can quickly provide the required heat to the diesel engine for starting. It has a wide array of applications that can meet the chamber requirements in your vehicle, like Duramax.

Benefits and Reasons to use:

  • The glow plug is compatible with a good number of vehicles while performing a good set of functions. Moreover, it fits right without showing much complexity.
  • The effective spark plug can help the vehicle eliminate engine misfires. For this, engine knockouts are evaded, and your car runs smoothly for a long time.
  • It has the capability of supplying heat to the air around the engine. Thus, quicker starts and acceleration takes place.
  • Spark plug’s range is up to 40 mm and can fit the multiple chambers in a car with a diesel engine. In addition, this self-controlled plug ensures the durability of your vehicle as it prevents it from being harmed.

Technical Features:

  • Material: Steel
  • Coil: GN-type regulating coil
  • Thread size: 10mm
  • Seat: Conical
  • Range: 21mm – 40mm
  • Voltage: 11 VDC


Description: This incredible glow plug is made of steel with a conical seat. The terminal is threaded, and the threaded terminal is 4mm. With a 10mm thread, the sparkplug’s length is 5.37in. The coil is a GN-type regulating coil.

Features: The effective glow plug features a comprehensive set of attributes. The self-regulated plug can maintain the flow of electricity from the battery. It ensures that the temperature doesn’t get too high. In cold weather, it gets tougher to start diesel engines but not with this plug as it can supply the required to the engine.

Qualities: The allmotorparts glow plug is made for technologically advanced vehicles. With a range of up to 40mm, it can easily fit multiple chambers. In addition, the unique spark plug can evade misfires in cars and is proven to be durable.


  • This effective glow plug is regulated by itself. It even prevents the preheating in the battery and engine.
  • The glow plug provides a broad set of functions and prevents corrosion and vibrations in your vehicle. It even offers high resistance so that it can avert problems and ensure safety.
  • This productive spark plug can eliminate engine knockouts and help the vehicle start quickly, even in cold weather, by providing heat to the engine.
  • This self-regulated spark plug has the GN-type regulating coil. It adjusts to the car effortlessly.


  • It is needed in a set, but it is available as a pack of 1. The installation process requires a professional as it can be damaged if not known how to install.

#4. Diesel Glow Plug for 6.6L Duramax LB7

The XSPANDER makes diesel glow plugs, and so far, it has successfully satisfied its users. This unique spark plug comes as a set of 8 pieces and can easily fit into many vehicles, including Duramax for the OE spec connectors. The glow tube and the more excellent current double insulation help provide better protection to the engine and high resistance.

This well-built spark plug prevents your vehicle from corrosion and vibrations, causing the car to stay stable, even in the mountains. Being designed to improve engines, it also ensures reliable starts even at -30 degrees Celsius, and the preheating time is 2 seconds. The conical seat secures the seal with the chamber of combustion.

Benefits and Reasons to use:

  • The diesel glow plugs are designed to enhance engine performance. It allows a quicker engine start-up as the pre-heating time is only 2 seconds.
  • This durable spark plug can ensure a longer life for the engine. In addition, this self-regulated glow plug prevents corrosion and vibrations due to the glow tube.
  • The productive spark plug controls the electrical flow. It resists overheating and helps to reach the ideal temperature very fast.
  • The superior current double insulation secures better protection and heat resistance. As a result, your engine is safe and can perform well.

Technical Features:

  • Manufacturer: XSPANDER
  • Fitment Type: Direct Replacement
  • Fuel Type: Diesel
  • Weight: 10.6 ounces
  • Pre-heating Time: 2s.
  • Seat: Conical


Specification: The diesel plug is a set of 8 pieces and is produced by XSLANDER. The OE spec connectors are built-in, ensuring a precise fit. With a conical seat, its pre-heating time is 2 seconds only.

Functions: This productive plug is engineered in a way that it can improve engine performance. It is reliable starting even at -30 degrees Celsius. The preheating time is short and helps to start your vehicles in one start. This self-regulated plug even prevents overheating by controlling the electrical flow.

Qualities: There is a glow tube present that eliminates corrosion and unwanted vibrations. Seal with the combustion chamber is secured by the conical seat. Designed to enhance the diesel engine, this productive spark plug has superior current double insulation assuring heat resistance and better protection.


  • OE spec connectors are built in the glow plugs. It ensures the exact fit and makes the installation process uncomplicated.
  • The self-regulated spark plugs can maintain the electrical flow from the battery. For this, the temperature doesn’t rise much, and the diesel engine can work well.
  • This fine spark plug is well-built. Glow tubes and excellent current insulation provide high resistance, protection to the engine while preventing unwanted vibrations and corrosion.
  • The glow plug is an eight-piece set, a win as a good spark plug set is rare. In addition, the preheating time is only 2 seconds, and it is reliable starting at even minus thirty degrees Celsius.


  • It can perform exceptionally well as an eight-piece set, but the repair cost is a bit much if it gets damaged. In addition, the installation guide is tough to understand.


The glow plugs which can fit the Duramax easily and work well simultaneously are hard to find. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, such as price, quality, set, etc., and are very reasonable options. So it depends on you and your preference in the very end.

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