How Do You Reset The Throttle Position Sensor On A Chevy?

Are you searching why your Chevy (specifically Chevy Silverado) didn’t get acceleration? Or why is it not gaining enough potential to run?

All can happen if your throttle position sensor is not working properly, so you should consider programming it.

Because the throttle position sensor controls the values of throttle or acceleration. Moreover, it can also allow the specific quantity of air to pass through the engine to run.

By resetting the throttle position sensor, you will solve all these accelerating issues. Now, let’s get into the whole process of programming the throttle position.

How do you reset the throttle position sensor on a chevy?

How Do You Reset The Throttle Position Sensor On A Chevy?

You can do the resetting by following three main processes and follow the same as we say, so you will end up doing it. It’s not too hard; just don’t confuse yourself.

The procedure of Acceleration Pedal Release Position

Firstly, you should fully release the accelerator pedal of your car. After that, grab the stopwatch and turn on Chevy’s ignition switch for two seconds.

Then, quickly turn off that switch and stay calm for 10 seconds with the eye on the stopwatch.

After waiting for 10 seconds, again “ON” the ignition switch for 2 seconds, and wait for 10 seconds again. Thus, this process is completed.

Program Throttle position Sensor for a Closed Throttle Valve

Program Throttle position Sensor for a Closed Throttle Valve

After the acceleration pedal release procedure, start this process by leaning the throttle valve closed position.

It would help if you had surety that the accelerator pedal is released; after that, turn on the ignition switch by the car keys for 10 seconds.

Again off the ignition switch and wait for 10 seconds. With the off of the ignition switch, the throttle sound wills stop.

By doing this procedure, you can determine the throttle valve is working or not by detecting the sound.

After completing the above two steps, it’s the turn of the final step. But before going for it, you should check your Chevy, whether it is totally at rest.

It means you should turn off all the appliances that can take power like AC, headlights, etc. Then go for the last step.

Calibrate the throttle position sensor

Calibrate the throttle position sensor

Ensure that the accelerator is completely free, then take the stopwatch and “On” the ignition switch for 3 seconds.

Now, you have to depress the accelerator pedal with full force and then release it.

Moreover, you should continue this process five times in 5 seconds. After that, you should wait for 7 seconds and then again depress the pedal completely.

Now, release the pedal again for 3 seconds. Start the engine and stay idle for 20 seconds. Check the lights; they will glow up. Here, the whole procedure came to an end.

Throttle position sensor: How does it work?

How does Throttle position sensor work

This sensor is usually present on the throttle body; it determines the position of the throttle valve and sends it to the engine’s control unit.

Mainly, this sensor is connected with the acceleration pedal and senses its movement, which runs the vehicle.

Moreover, the amount of air that goes into the engine depends on the valve; if it is wide opened, more air will enter, and vice versa.

However, the throttle position sensor is a potentiometer that has three wires in total.

Likewise, the first wire has 5 V power in it, and the second one is considered ground wire. The third one is connected with the wiper and supplies the power to the engine control system.

Hence, the types of the throttle position sensor may vary according to their structure and usage.

Some are closed throttle position sensors while others are combination and potentiometer type sensors.

Identify bad throttle position sensors

When you plan to go for an off-road journey but face some issues with your Chevy, you should check its main problem and resolve it.

So, to determine the throttle position sensor failure, you should know the symptoms, what can occur.

Bad acceleration

You may notice that your car is accelerating but feeling some speed gap. Likewise, you want it to go at high speed, but after reaching that speed, it ultimately slows down.

Consequently, this might be due to the bad throttle position sensor, which doesn’t get the specific response.

Less Power

Identify bad throttle position sensors

If your engine is using too much fuel or not getting enough fuel, then the change in your acceleration will come.

Moreover, if it gets more fuel, the car will move forward a little bit without any acceleration. However, with less fuel consumption, you will feel acceleration lacking.


The check engine lights can be a good indication for the Throttle sensor issue, but it might not give any indication.

Hence, without proper action, if the check engine lights get on in your car when you are on the engine, then you should check the issue before it worsens.

Unstable Idle

Your car must get a constant amount of fuel and maintain a stable speed. If it fails in this process and can’t make the constant speed, you should check the throttle position sensor.

Throttle body relearn procedure

Throttle body relearn procedure

Sometimes, the situation comes when you have to relearn the throttle body. In that condition, you should know how to do it, so let’s look into it.

  • Firstly, you should start the engine and let it stay for almost 3 minutes. 
  • After that, turn “OFF” the engine and let it stay idle for 60 seconds. Moreover, it’s better if you get a stopwatch in your hand during the process.
  • Then, again start the engine and keep it like this for 3 minutes. During this process, you should check the lights. And clear the codes if they are related to the throttle body.
  • Go for looking at the speed; if it remains off, drive your Chevy at 43mph and do the cycles of acceleration and deceleration on it. After all, repeat the procedure at no.3 again.

How do I reset my electronic throttle body?

How do I reset my electronic throttle body?

Resting your throttle body can be a tricky job; if you feel any difficulty, you should contact a professional technician. However, if you want to do it by yourself, then follow the process carefully. 

  • Release the accelerator pedal completely.
  • Now, you should turn the ignition “ON” for a few seconds.
  • After that, turn the ignition “off” and stay still for almost 10 seconds.
  • It will help if you count the time with the help of a stopwatch.
  • Repeat this whole process one time.
  • After all this, you should check the engine lights and listen to the engine’s sound if it is smooth or not.
  • Lastly, check the throttle valve if it’s moving or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can you adjust the TPS on a Chevy?

For this process, firstly, you should remove the air duct and lid with the help of the screwdriver. Now, grab the air duct and pull it out of the body.

Moreover, you have to stick that pin in the center wire of the sensor plug. Likewise, the time of giving the power comes.

For this purpose, connect the red lead with the pin and the black one with the engine ground. Loosen the sensors and rotate the sensor left-right so that it displays 0.50 volts. 

2. What can happen if you unplug the throttle position sensor?

When you are going to unplug the position sensor, it matters if you do it for good or bad. Likewise, if your TPS is not working correctly, then it’s good to unplug it for a while.

And it can give you normal acceleration and correct idle. But if it is working properly and you unplug it, then the result may vary.

3. What are the symptoms that can you face in a bad throttle position sensor?

Usually, a bad throttle position sensor doesn’t work correctly and can give you so many bad effects. Likewise, it will consume more or less oil and will affect your speed.

So, you should always get away from these issues by checking the throttle position sensor in routine. 

4. How can you test a throttle position sensor?

Yes, you can test your throttle position sensor in many ways because you have to change it before it tangles you in issues. For testing it, you can check the operating character by a digital multimeter (DMM). 

5. How much money do you require to fix a throttle position sensor?

Normally, the cost to fix a throttle position sensor varies from region to region. However, according to an estimate, the average cost for this fixing process is $100 to $200.

Moreover, the cost of the parts of the sensor can be almost $70 to $100. However, the estimated labor cost is $30 to $90. But don’t forget, you can also do this by yourself.


Hopefully, you get the complete guide to reset the throttle position sensor of your Chevy. You can see that this process looks difficult, but it’s not. Once you understand the process, you can do it by yourself. 

Moreover, you may know, you should stay calm in this whole process and just have to follow the step as it is. However, if you get into any issue, you should call a technician to help you complete this.

If even after reading the article you still don’t feel confident, and would like to checkout the chevy user manual you can search for emanulas online as emanuals are good for reference, and whether you own a workshop or repair your own car, they are a good investment, and would save you alot in labor cost down the line. If you received the wrong manual by the company, reach out to the company’s support, and if that doesnt work, try charge back, that will surely get their attention.

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