Tips on LB7 Duramax Glow Plugs Delete, Replacement, Location

About lb7 glow plug

What does it mean by LB7? LB7 is an RPO code for 2001-2004 model year Duramax engines. Some other common RPO codes of Duramax engines are LLY, LBZ, LMM, LGH, etc. As all the Duramax engines are diesel-powered engines, they use glow plugs instead of spark plugs. Similarly, LB7 also uses glow plugs.

LB7 Duramax Glow Plug

In addition, the LB7 Duramax engine is a 6.6L V8 engine. It means it has eight cylinders. To determine the number of glow plugs for an engine, you need to know the number of cylinders of that engine. As LB7 Duramax is an eight-cylinder engine, it needs eight glow plugs in case of a full replacement.  Check LMM Duramax Glow Plugs and LMM Torque Specs.

LB7 glow plug delete

Will it affect the engine if you delete the glow plugs of your LB7 Duramax? Well, it depends. Primarily, we can say no, it won’t affect the engine. Because a diesel engine doesn’t depend on glow plugs solely. Glow plugs merely help the engine for starting up. Especially, in the cold weather.

Mainly a diesel engine depends on the compression to start up. So, you won’t be in any problem during the summer. But in winter, you will face hard times to start the engine.

LB7 glow plug replacement

When will you need the glow plug replacement on your LB7 Duramax? First things first. Surprisingly, Want to know the major difference between spark plugs and glow plugs? You don’t need to replace the glow plugs regularly like the spark plugs. You have to change the glow plugs only when you see the symptoms and are sure of any damage to the glow plugs.

You can either change only the faulty ones or the whole set. It is up to you. But we recommend that if more than three or four spark plugs get damaged, replace all the eight spark plugs. Otherwise, replacing the whole set won’t be necessary.

Removing swollen glow plug -lb7 Duramax

How to change glow plugs on lb7 Duramax

Changing the glow plugs on LB7 Duramax is a bit difficult. You have to soak them for a couple of days to finish the first step. To safely change the glow plugs, you should not use too much muscle power. If the glow plugs break, you are in a world of trouble. After soaking and removing the older plugs, you are all set to rock with the new glow plugs.

LB7 glow plug location

LB7 has eight glow plugs on each of its cylinders. That means they are in different locations. You can access the glow plugs in different ways. Experts suggest that you remove the wheel fender liners to get to the glow plugs. However, some of the mechanics also stated that you can also reach the glow plugs from the top.

LB7 glow plug removal tool

Although it is a little tough job to remove the glow plugs of LB7 Duramax, you can do it with the right tools and guidelines. You should never go for the removal with some unknown tools. It can damage the cylinder heads and break the glow plugs. If you don’t find the right tool in any nearby stores, no worries. There are plenty of good products online. Go and pick the right fit.

LB7 glow plug relay      

If the glow plug relay of LB7 Duramax goes bad, you need to change that too. But how do you know that the glow plug relay has gone bad? And how do you find the glow plug relay?

LB7 Glow Plug Relay

Whenever you see codes related to glow plug problems, there is a chance of glow plug relay going bad too. That’s how you know it. And you are going to find it in a black box behind the valve cover on the driver’s side.

LB7 glow plug strap

You may need to change the glow plug straps of your LB7 Duramax too whenever you are going for a glow plug replacement. If the straps get corroded, it will be better to change them to get better capacity at carrying current. You can either buy only the straps or can buy a package with glow plugs, relay, and straps. Both will do just fine.

LB7 glow plug module

We know the functions of glow plugs already. They heat up to help the engine getting started. But how the overall control is done? Here come our glow plugs control module.

If you see any codes in your LB7 related to the glow plugs problem, make sure to check whether the glow plugs control module is okay or not. If that is not the case, you are relieved from spending a lot of money.

LBZ glow plug part number

Finding the exact part number for glow plugs on LBZ might be a problem. Don’t worry. We have got you covered in this area also. The glow plug part number for GM is #97364968 and is 61G.

How much does it cost to replace glow plugs on a Duramax?

In total, you need to pay around $250 to $400 for the replacement of the glow plugs on your Duramax engine. $100-$200 for the labor cost and $150-$200 for the glow plugs (full set). Obviously, you can eliminate the labor cost if you have the right tools and expertise.

Best glow plugs for lb7 Duramax         

The best glow plugs for LB7 Duramax are-

1. Duramax LB7 Glow Plug Kit

2. Wellman Glow Plugs Diesel Fast Start (Set of 8)

3. Set of New Glow Plug 2001-2005 for Chevy GMC 6.6L Duramax LB7 & Early Build LLY

Does LB7 have glow plugs?

Yes, it does. As LB7 Duramax is a diesel engine, it uses glow plugs at the place of spark plugs to help the engine start up. And as the engine is a V8 engine and has 8 cylinders, it needs 8 glow plugs to function properly.


To find the origin of LB7 Duramax engines, you have to go back as far as 2001. 20 years back from now on. For this reason, it is quite hard to get the right information related to this engine’s parts. We have tried to do the hard part i.e. research for you, at our best so that you can find the information easily.

Even though glow plugs are not mandatory for your vehicle’s engine, they play quite a role in cold weather. That is why you need to maintain and look out for any problems related to these parts. And if you find one, try to fix it carefully. If you have any doubt, don’t hesitate to go to the mechanics. In that way, you and your vehicle both will remain fine.

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