Spark Plug vs Glow Plug

What is the difference between a spark plug and a glow plug?

The first and foremost difference between these two is that you will need spark plugs for a non-diesel (air, gasoline) engine and glow plugs for a diesel engine.

The second one is that spark plugs are kind of mandatory for a non-diesel engine. Spark plugs are just like the stick of a matchbox. Without the stick, you can’t light up the fire. Spark plugs play almost a similar role in a non-diesel engine.

Spark Plug Vs Glow Plug

And diesel engines require glow plugs in the places of spark plugs. Although they are not mandatory as some of the vehicles don’t even use them to start the vehicle.

The third point we are going to tell you, is not a difference. It is kind of a common thing between these two. Spark plugs and glow plugs almost have the same design. It may get you confused.

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