Subaru Spark Plug Socket | Benefits, Sizes & Servicing Tips

What is Subaru Spark Plug Socket?

Most of the spark plugs need a 16mm or 5/8 inches size spark socket plug to work properly. The number indicates the flat side of the spark plug which is in direct contact with the plug socket. They are mainly used for removing or fitting spark plugs from your engine.

Subaru Spark Plug Socket

They will usually possess a rubber foam insert that locates inside of the socket as well as offers service to assist in holding the spark plugs perfectly, and prevents them from getting damaged by the internal walls of the plug socket.

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Benefits of Using Subaru Spark Plug Socket

What Is Subaru Spark Plug Socket

A Subaru spark plug socket is one of a kind socket specifically made for installing and removing spark plugs without causing any harm or damage to them.

QISF 14MM & 16MM Thin Wall Magnetic Swivel subaru Spark Plug Socket

Here I recommended QISF 14MM & 16MM Thin Wall Magnetic Swivel Spark Plug Socket. It is the best spark plug socket for Subaru forester:3/8-Inch Drive 12-Point Spark Plug Socket Removal Tool is durable heat-treated Chrome Vanadium Steel.

Some of these spark plug sockets have rubber inserts, whereas the others have magnets so that they can hold the spark plug socket in right place.

It does make the installing and removing job much easier. When we have to talk about the advantages of the Subaru spark plug socket, we must require to mention the improvement of your fuel economy.

ARES 11000 - 14mm Thin Wall Magnetic Swivel Spark Plug Socket

ARES 11000 – 14mm Thin Wall Magnetic Swivel Spark Plug Socket is perfect for Subaru Crosstrek and Subaru Outback. 3/8-Inch Drive 12-Point Spark Plug Socket(its walls are only 17.7mm thick) interior magnet retains and protects the spark plug

Iridium spark plugs are the main reason behind this. This benefit happens because you possess a better ignition profile which permits the fuel to burn efficiently.

Though the rates of efficiency are not very high like you expect, still most drivers will experience a gain of 10%-20% over an entire gasoline tank.

Subaru Spark Plug Thread Size

Subaru Spark Plug Thread Size

The size of the Subaru spark plug thread is 14mm or 9/16 inches only.

Subaru Legacy Spark Plug Socket Size

Subaru Legacy spark plug socket size is only 5/8 inches or 16mm.

Specialist Subaru Spark Plug Tool

It is quite easy to take apart a Subaru spark plug and you won’t even require any special tool to do so. A torque wrench and a good set of the socket can do the work for you pretty easily.

But the main trick with the tools is to find the right combination between the lengths and extensions.

If you have the wrench and socket set as well as the precise combination of the extensions and lengths, then there will be nothing required for taking apart Subaru spark plugs. So, you can see there is no need for any specialist tool in Subaru spark plugs.

Subaru Spark Plug Service

Subaru Spark Plug Service

Spark plugs make ignition into the mixture of the fuel in the engine as well as provide the necessary power to make your vehicle run.

But when you will drive 30000-40000 miles with your vehicle, then your conventional spark plugs will wear out and you must require to install new ones.

This is where Subaru spark plug services are necessary. Because this service will make the removal of the old one and installing the new one possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Do you need a special socket for spark plugs?

No, you don’t require a special socket for spark plugs to install and remove. A deep plug socket of the right size will do the tricks for you in most cases.

But the condition to make that happen is having enough patience and use it to some pliers so that it can go along perfectly with the socket.

#2. What size are Subaru Outback spark plugs?

Subaru Outback spark plugs are of the same standard size as spark plugs and which is 5/8 inches or 16mm.

#3. What is the standard size spark plug socket?

There are two different sizes of spark plug sockets. One is 5/8 inches, whereas the other one is 13/16 inches. These spark plug sockets will possess a rubber insert that will hold and keep the plug perfectly in place.

If your Subaru spark plugs are hard to reach, then a universal joint can be a solution for you.

#3. What brand of spark plugs does Subaru use?

These are the brands of spark plugs that Subaru uses as follows:

  1. Subaru OEM Spark Plugs
  2. NGK Outback Legacy
  3. Non Turbo Impreza Forester


Subaru spark plug sockets play a vital role in maintaining your vehicle in the right shape and efficient performance. They are an integral part of your vehicle’s engine and they certainly can influence the efficiency of the performance of your vehicle.

Without this, your vehicle will face stalling, misfires, and starting problems which will eventually damage your entire engine and cost you a lot of money for repairs.

Therefore, installing Subaru spark plug sockets will help your vehicle keep out those troubles and maintain an efficient performance for many years.