What Causes Bad Spark Plugs And It’s 4 Sign Discussed

When your vehicle’s spark plugs suddenly wear out, you wonder what could be the valid reason. Well, there are specific reasons for this. Some are inevitable, while some are evitable and somewhat preventive if you want.

What Causes Bad Spark Plugs

In this article, you will know the causes, symptoms, and preventive measures for worn-out spark plugs. We will also answer some of the most common queries relating to spark plugs.

2 Ways that can prevent spark plugs from going bad:

Ways That Can Prevent Spark Plugs From Going Bad

#1. Constant maintenance:

If you continuously maintain the spark plugs from time to time, you can prevent them from going bad. As the engine uses oil from the combustion chambers, so some oil gets outside of it.

After several uses, you will find spark plugs getting clogged with oil and fuel from the engine. Thus, the spark plugs’ outlook gets worse, and the insulator tip cannot work correctly.

Hence, it would be best if you got the spark plugs checked once in a while. If not you, you can go to any car servicing center.

#2. Timely replacement:

With the old age of your car, the spark plugs also get old. This part is inevitable. You cannot prevent spark plugs from getting bad completely, so they need time to time replacement to run your car engine smoothly.

Even if you maintain them well, it might only increase their longevity a few months but won’t make them last forever.

The plugs don’t cost much, so it is better that you replace them on a routine basis, depending on your vehicle usage. As more use of the car wears them out quickly.

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4 Signs that show extreme spark plug damage:

Signs That Show Extreme Spark Plug Damage

1. Car engine hesitation:

Your vehicle will also suffer from engine hesitation due to insufficient electrical current flow to the car battery through ‘bad’ spark plugs. For the remedy, replace your spark plugs and see the smoothness in the car.

2. Engine light:

In the engine lightbox, you will see an unusual illuminating light-detecting misfiring engine. That is mostly due to bad spark plugs. If that’s so, visit an expert mechanic, he will help you scan to check the engine’s light.

3. Poor fuel economy:

With bad spark plugs, the combustion cannot be fulfilled completely, so the car’s fuel economy falls. Though there could be other reasons for it, for the initial inspection, you must check the spark plugs.

4. Hard starts:

One of the apparent reasons you might feel like the spark plug has gone wrong, is a hard start. Initially, it may seem like a mere battery failure. But if the battery appears to be okay, then the spark plug is the reason. Get them changed before the entire engine gets hampered.

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Importance of spark plug for vehicles:

Importance Of Spark Plug For Vehicles

Spark plugs serve your vehicle’s engine power to run your car. They are the engine’s powerhouse that combines air/ fuel mixture into gas in its combustion chambers, which is then required by the engine to run.

Hence, if the spark plugs wear out, the symptoms will directly show in your car’s performance. If you overlook the signs, then the engine might completely stop working.


Can a replaced spark plugs offer the same performance?

Yes, spark plugs vary from brand to brand. If you want the same performance as the previous one, it is better to replace it with the same spark plug. To avail the optimum performance for a long time, you have to invest in a high-quality spark plug set.

Are the reasons for wearing out spark plugs the same for every vehicle?

Any vehicle that contains an engine requires spark plugs. And the spark plugs serve the same for every car. Therefore, it is evident that spark plug-wearing symptoms and reasons are the same for everyone.


Now that you know the reasons for spark plugs getting bad, you should start working on keeping your vehicle in good condition. A vehicle without an engine is like a human body without a heart.

And that engine’s power is the spark plugs. Therefore, it is crucial to care for it to have a smooth and safe journey with your dear vehicle.